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Discover Simple & Effective Ways To Begin A Workout Program With Your Injuries. You might suffer from pain in your knees, hip, back, shoulders, or even have limited mobility due to being severely overweight. Dr.Oz’s Trainer Donovan Green has created a fantastic program called Chair Workouts! He has helped thousands of people just like you, and he can help you too. Thousands of his students have gotten results and you can too! Make this the day you changed your life. Get started now…

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You are not in this thing alone. We have a community of people just like you waiting to welcome you to the family. You will be able to ask questions, share recipes, upload photos of your progress, and more…You will have constant support and motivation from the #1 community on the web. I will also be there waiting to answer all of your questions. Don’t you owe it to yourself to put an end to the cycle of guilt, failure, and shame, and finally reach the fitness goals you’ve been dreaming of? Let’s Go!

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Create your workout calendar and plan your entire week. You will never have a dull workout because you can change your routines every week or every day. You might feel like doing a more challenging workout on Monday and take it easy on Friday. You have complete control over when and what type of routine you want to do. There will never be a need to make an Excuse again. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

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Sit And Get Fit

The average person spends 12 hours or more sitting down each day, causing damage to their bodies. Ailments such as weight gain, heart disease, strokes, achy joints, and even chronic disease become their reality due to living a sedentary life. The sad truth is we are losing more than 300,000 people per year due to […]

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4 Chair Exercises You Can Do At Your Office Desk

Taking a few minutes from your busy day to do these four exercises can and will make a substantial difference in your day. You will increase your blood circulation, improve your mood, reduce stress, and burn some calories while you’re at it. Chair Workouts is saving lives one chair at a time, and we hope […]

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Never Take “NO” For An Answer!

Build the life you want. Do not allow fear to stop you from proceeding. Building success will never be easy. However, you will reap the reward from all the blood sweat and tears. Your happiness and appreciation will improve greatly due to your commitment to being great. Are you ready to STOP taking NO for […]

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