Never Take “NO” For An Answer!

9 July

Build the life you want. Do not allow fear to stop you from proceeding.

Building success will never be easy. However, you will reap the reward from all the blood sweat and tears. Your happiness and appreciation will improve greatly due to your commitment to being great. Are you ready to STOP taking NO for an answer and start giving yourself permission to keep moving no matter what?

Most fears of rejection rest on the desire for approval from other people…

Never take no for an answer! Don’t allow words to become your failing point. You will make lots of mistakes along the way, but as long as you stay faithful and committed to your life, you will overcome any and everything placed before you.

Failure is unavoidable in life. That is the only way we can learn to be strong. For example, You won’t get healthy and strong in the weight room if you are not willing to go through some pain. You have to go through something to know how to deal with something. After all, you entered the world yelling and screaming from the trauma placed on you the second you exited the womb.

You will feel rejection anytime you hear the word “NO.” Instead of looking at it as a failure, use it as an opportunity to fine tune your skills so you can get the “YES.” You might get No, a few more times before you get the YES. However, you can’t allow that to put a stick in your wheel. Keep moving and grooving until you get the answer you need.

Sometimes you might not get the YES because the answer you truly needed was the NO! This could be the very thing that drives you to do more in life, such as starting your own company, investing in your ideas, or traveling the world.

Remember to ‘never take NO for an answer’ to any question. Ask yourself why did you get the No and try again.


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