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The Benefits Of Doing Seated Stretches At Work

15 February

Would you like to learn about the benefits of doing seated stretches at the workplace? These simple stretching techniques can reduce the aches you experience while sitting all day? 

Sitting at your desk for extended hours without movement is literally a death sentence to your health. This 10-minute seated stretching routine for your workplace will make a massive difference in your overall performance in your life.

Adding simple stretching isn’t something many tend to look at as essential for good overall health, so they neglect it. Not only is stretching overlooked at work but also at the gym. And if someone was to stretch, they would do it for about 3 minutes the most.

What Happens If I Don’t Stretch?

the benefits of doing seated stretches at work

Taking 10 minutes out of your busy day to stretch will make a world of difference. Sitting down on your butt places an enormous amount of stress on your lower back.  This keeps your hip flexors locked up which usually leads to more back pain. The benefits of stretching while at work is the solution to minimizing these issues. 

Not stretching throughout the day will lead to increased stiffness in your body and decreased energy due to a lack of blood flow. When your muscles are too tight, they will pull on your joints, causing muscular imbalances in your body. This is why your body always stretches on autopilot anytime it experiences tightness in the neck, shoulders, or back.

 Have you ever noticed how many times your hands place itself on your neck to release tension? But that’s not enough. You have to dedicate time to taking care of your body by doing these 10 minutes of stretching right at your desk.

And the good news is you’re already sitting down. 

What Benefits Do I Get From Doing This 10 Minute Stretch At My Desk?

The key is to keep your spine healthy so you can perform efficiently  at work or out with the kids.

The benefits of these seated stretches will aid in improving your posture and reducing your chance of gaining a few inches in your belly. Studies from the Mayo clinic show that any time of extended sitting behind the wheel, at the desk, watching TV, or reading a book can be harmful to your health leading to premature death.

Taking long flights can also be brutal to your health. But the good news is some of these seated exercises can be done while sitting on a plane.

NO Excuses! 

What Are Some Tips To Reduce The Impact Of Sitting All Day At Work?

Aside from the benefits of doing seated stretches for 10 minutes, there are  other steps you should take to reduce your chances of losing your health.

  • Take a walk during your lunch break
  • Set your alarm to remind you to stand up for a few minutes every hour when possible. If you cannot stand, then sit and get fit.
  • Invest in an adjustable standing desk. I am an affiliate of this company, so you can use my code CHAIRWORKOUTS to get your discount.
  • Take phone calls while taking a walk or walking in place
  • Drink less caffeine and more water to aid in increasing blood flow

Following these simple steps can lead to an abundance of healthy outcomes that will benefit not only you, but also your co-workers, family, and friends.  You will feel better and more energetic which will reflect and inspire others around you. When you feel better they will feel better.

Take Care of Your Health

To wrap things up, I need you to take better care of your health so you can be around for your family. This 10 minute seated stretching sequence is a great place to start, especially if you are a beginner or have injuries that prevent you from doing strenuous exercises. I am confident that the more you do this routine, the better you will feel over time.

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